kubwa stands for Big in African Swahili, specializing in Energy/ECO AI expert.

Our vision is contributed by creating a large AI ecosystem like a forest in the African grasslands.

Our Product  & Service

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AI Partner with Intel

AI Inference

  • FPGA (field programmable gate array) is a semiconductor device that includes a designable logic element and a programmable internal circuit
  • Differentiate from CPU and GPU to accelerate hardware without going through memory
  • FPGAs are used in AI that requires fast, high-volume data processing and inference at the same time

OpenVINO™ Online-inference

  • Provide inference reference interface for users
  • Upload learning model and extract optimization model
  • Learning model CPU, FPGA use fb16, fb32 parameter setting function
  • Inference acceleration execution function

Data Analytics

Predictive Maintenance

  • Sensor data processing S/W advancement and Labeling performed
  • Machine learning based learning boosting and bagging
  • Predictive model simulation & optimization work (fine tuning) progress
  • Facility status monitoring the AI based-dashboard development

AI X-Ray for Security

Visualization with BI

  • Providing BI solution with visualizatin and big data analysis
  • Service for data-driven decision making can be used easily

Medical AI Platform

  • Structured data: OCS(Order Communication System), LIMS(Laboratory Information Management System)
  • Unstructured data (EMR): Surgical record, Heart examination : Cardiac CT, Thallium SPECT, Holter, PCI, Echo
  • Unstructured data (PACS)

Medical Disease Analysis

AI Education